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The Society maintains lists of Natural History Sightings in Northumberland and provides details to appropriate bodies for county records. This work was done by John Almond and we are in the process of splitting up the role between various Society members. Once the new mechanisms have been established we will provide a monthly summary on this web site. Arrangements for Butterfly and Bird Sightings are given below. Details to follow for other Natural History sightings.

Butterfly Sightings

Sightings should be submitted to North East England Butterfly Conservation. Sightings are best entered electronically using the spreadsheet available from This provides instructions for submission.

Members wishing to provide paper records should submit them to Julie Roper at our Indoor Meetings. She will collate and submit these reports.

Bird Sightings

Bird records can be sent to Richard Poyer ( ) using the Alnwick and District Natural History Society Bird Record sheet. Please submit the sheet each time with a different file name to help identify the sender and month eg YourNameFeb17.

If you are unsure about grid references then may prove helpful to get the reference.

You may still use record cards if you wish. These should be sent to : Richard Poyer, 12 Byron Street, Amble, NE65 0ER.

Records need to arrive by the second day of the month after the recorded month eg March 2nd for February sightings. Records will be collated and sent to the Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club who have responsibility for the county records.